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The condition ‘Loose nails’ is a finger- and toenail condition which is not only unsightly, but can also hide or be the forerunner of, nail fungus.

"loose nails"

“Loose nails” (onycholysis), is a condition of mostly cosmetic or aesthetic importance, and probably the most common human nail destroying condition.

A nail is loose when the nail plate becomes separated from the nail bed, which then becomes dry. This results in the growing nail plate simply overshooting the dry nail bed. Separation usually starts at the front, outer or loose edge of the nail and progresses inwards, with the sides of the nail remaining attached to the nail bed.

The condition is usually not painful and the nail will continue to grow regardless of it being detached from the nail bed. The detached part of the nail changes colour from the normal pink of a healthy nail, to cream or yellow.

Separation from the nail bed usually starts spontaneously from minor trauma to the nail, or from nail biting, aggressive manicuring, from contact with irritants or excessive exposure to water. The trauma need not always be extreme for the nail to become loose. Slight yet repetitive trauma, such as jogging or typing on a keyboard with long fingernails, can also be a cause of loose nails.

Loose Nails

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loose nails

Once a nail is loose, what can be done about it?

One of the biggest drawbacks of having loose nails is the fact that the risk of nail fungal infection is greatly increased as the cavity between the nail plate and the nail bed is often damp and hot, the ideal breeding ground for a nail fungus.
Once a nail has separated from the nail bed it will not reattach and a new nail needs to replace it; and for a nail to regrow properly, favourable conditions need to exist under the nail – such as the nail bed (under the loose nail) being soft, flexible and fungus free.

There is no ‘quick fix’ for loose nails. You cannot reattach (glue) it back to the dry nail bed under the loose nail! There is only one way for the body to restore it; and that is by regrowth; and this takes time! We prefer to talk about this process as “restoring by regrowth.” Under ideal conditions, this may take anything from three to six months for smaller nails, and 18 to 24 months for a big toenail.

The ideal conditions for nail regrowth created by Fix-4-Nails® is the secret of its success in restoring loose nails and nails damaged due to fungal infection, by regrowth. (create link to Treatment page)

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