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Willie Fourie (cc), Trading as Fix-4-Nails®, is a successful business run by a couple of passionate members of Willie Fourie’s family.

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Willie Fourie

Primary Care Drug Therapist

Willie Fourie is a pharmacist and registered Primary Drug Care Therapist, a SAPC registered assessor and executive member of Willie Fourie CC, trading as Fix-4-Nails®. He was a community pharmacist, a career from which he retired in 2012 after 47 years. In 2007, he trademarked Fix-4-Nails®. 

Monique Marais

General Manager

Monique has been the General Manager of Fix-4-Nails® since 2012. Having a Baccalaureus Diaconiologiae Degree in Social Work, she has an in depth understanding of people, as well as a passion for helping people in need. She also has a great interest, loyalty and passion for the family business and is responsible for all enquiries, orders and marketing.

Elrine Oberholzer

loyal member

Elrine is a passionate and loyal member of the Fix-4-Nails® family business. She is a qualified teacher and is now also responsible for the distribution of the Fix-4-Nails® product.

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