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“The ideal conditions created by Fix-4-Nails® under the nail
is the secret of its success in ‘restoring by regrowth’ of loose and fungal damaged nails.”

Most loose nails are not fungal infected,

nor are all fungal infected nails loose; only a laboratory test can tell the difference. Both conditions leave damaged nails in its wake, damage that needs repairing; and natural regrowth of the nail is the only way this can happen! Just killing the fungus does not change the look of a loose or fungal damaged nail. Until it has regrown to its original splendour, it remains an unsightly nail.

What makes Fix-4-Nails®​ ideal for the treatment
of loose nails
and nails damaged
due to a fungal nail infection?​

Fix-4-Nails® is a unique formula that works on the conditions underneath the nail, directly on the nail-bed, to ensure favourable conditions for the regrowth of healthy, fungus free nails.

“The ideal conditions for nail-regrowth created by Fix-4-Nails® under the nail is thus the secret of its success in ‘restoring by re-growth’ of loose and/or fungal damaged nails.”

The cavity under a ‘loose nail’ (a nail that is separated from the nail bed) is warm and often humid, the ideal environment for fungal growth; and therefore, can make a loose nail the forerunner of a dreaded contagious fungal infection of the nails.

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nail treatment before
nail fungus

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Nail fungus

Fix-4 Nails® does not, like a typical antifungal, attack the fungus as such, but rather addresses its habitat − that is the environment where the fungus flourishes. Any living organism, including fungi, needs specific conditions to survive and flourish. Effectively change these ‘fungus favourable’ under-nail conditions and the fungus disappears. The sooner this is done, the sooner the damage caused by the fungus stops and regrowth of the nail can begin!

For a nail to regrow properly, certain important conditions need to exist under the nail, such as the nail bed being soft, flexible and fungus free.

Fix-4-Nails® does exactly that! It softens the accumulated keratin under the loose nail plate, and with it the nail bed (keratolytic action), rendering it soft and flexible; and having known anti-fungal properties, it causes the under-nail conditions to be favourable for the regrowth of nails and unsuitable for fungal proliferation. 

What is the difference between a ‘typical antifungal’ and Fix-4-Nails®

A typical antifungal, by inhibiting enzymes, causes destruction of the fungus by the eventual breaking down of the fungus’s cell membranes. This is different from what we find with Fix-4-Nails®.

How exactly does Fix-4-Nails® stop fungal damage?

For a nail to regrow to its former beauty, favourable conditions for nail growth need to exist under the nail, such as the nail bed being soft and flexible and free of any fungus.

Fix-4-Nails®, with its keratolytic properties, softens the accumulated keratin under the loose nail plate, and with it the nail bed, rendering it soft and flexible; and having laboratory tested fungistatic (fungus inhibiting) properties, for T.rubrum fungus, it causes the under-nail conditions to be favourable for the regrowth of nails and unsuitable for fungal proliferation.

There is no ‘quick fix’ for loose and/or fungal damaged nails and to prevent fungal re-infections from happening during this restoration period, treatment with Fix-4-Nails® needs to be continued for as long as it takes the nail to regrow.

This is of utmost importance and the reason for the cost saving 100ml bottle now available (if needed). Big toenails can take up to 18 months to regrow, but all nails show noticeable recovering after two months of continuous treatment. With multiple damaged nails, a trial on two smaller nails, with a 30ml bottle, is the right way to start using this unique and proven nail restoring aid. (30ml will treat two nails for ± 90 days.) Once you are satisfied with the results and you need more Fix-4-Nails®, we suggest you buy the 100ml bottle.

The efficiency of this formula has been proven over many decades and relies on the combined actions of its ingredients which gives it both “keratolytic” (pg 212) and “antifungal” properties (pg 212 + 1276) (quoted from THE MARTINDALE , the British and RSA Pharmacist’s primary reference book, 27th Edition).

Why is this dual action treatment essential?

For regrowth, a loose or degenerated nail with a fungal infection needs to be treated comprehensively, this includes treating the dry nail bed and the fungus simultaneously; and until the nail has fully regrown.

Fix-4-Nails® is not registered as a medicine and is marketed as a fungal disinfectant (Fungistatic) aiding in the body’s natural restoration through the regrowth of loose nails and/or nails damaged by a fungal infection, and is therefore obtainable without a prescription.

The result we aim for with Fix-4-Nails® is to give customers what they pay for, i.e. nails restored to their original splendour, and not just to be told, (although it is true, after using an antifungal on its own), that “the nail is no longer fungal infected.” A fungal damaged nail without a fungus is still a fungal damaged nail (!!) and it remains that until it has fully regrown.

Does Fix-4-Nails® help for any other kinds of nail infections or disorders?

It is true, there are serious health conditions that can cause loose and/or damaged nails, from systemic or dermatologic diseases to drug associated causes, but fortunately this is seldom the case. Miner trauma to the nail, for example as is found with joggers and many other athletes and sports persons; or with typing or aggressive manicuring, excessive exposure to water or contact with irritants, is much more common.

DermNet NZ outlines the terms, (with pictures), used by dermatologists to describe 76 abnormal nail conditions of the finger- and toenails
With so many nail ailments it is important that self-treatment of a nail disorder should only be done where there is no doubt about its cause. If you have any doubt or concern about the condition of your nails or its treatment, please first get your doctors opinion.

Our website does not provide an online consultation service for nails; and Fix-4-Nails® was formulated as a fungal antiseptic that uniquely and specifically aids the body’s natural restoration of loose nails and nails damaged by fungi.

If the skin around the nail or the nail bed under the nail is at all sensitive, and/or damaged, like for example after jogging, treatment of the nail must be postponed until it is no longer sensitive.

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For Loose and Fungal Damaged Nails

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For Loose and Fungal Damaged Nails

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