How to Fix-4-Nails®

The unique aid in repairing damage caused by a nail fungus and for the re-growth of loose nails

simple and effective

As a restoring aid, it is important to continue applying Fix-4-Nails® uninterruptedly onto the nail bed twice a day for as long as it takes the nail to fully regrow. This is a very simple and effective action, as is described in number 3 below and number 13 on the FAQ page.

The following factors influence​ the recovery time

  1. For optimum results one drop of Fix-4-Nails® must be applied under the nail every morning and evening.
  2. Do not try to remove the now soft keratin from under the treated nail. This forces the nail plate away from the nail bed restricting the growth process.
  3. For the correct use of the dropper bottle see the photos. Touch the outer rim of the plastic top with the nail, as indicated. Tilt the bottle carefully to allow a drop of fluid to flow under the nail. Please note, the fluid runs out through two small holes, one on each side of the little nozzle in the middle of the dropper. The nozzle only allows air to enter the bottle and is not intended to be used as a dropper.
  4. The speed at which the nail grows also influences the recovery rate.


During Treatment

If more than two nails are damaged, to judge its effectiveness, we suggest first trying it on two of the smaller nails (for a few weeks). Results are visible in four weeks. We suggest taking a photograph for comparison when commencing the treatment and repeating this six to eight weeks later. Once satisfied with the results, for which one bottle will be sufficient, the user will be motivated to continue with the rest of his/her damaged nails. This will be a good time to consider buying the money saving 100ml to continuing treatment.
If no growth is visible, it indicates that Fix-4-Nails® is not effective for that specific nail disorder. A small nail will generally regrow within a period of 3 months, depending on the severity of the condition and the speed at which the nail grows. Big toe nails can take anything from eighteen months to two years to recover. To maintain and protect your healthy, beautiful nails, applying our nail solution under all nails once or twice a month is recommended.

In the short period since its launch in 2008, Fix-4-Nails® has become a reliable nail solution and an important part of many users’ regular nail care routine, not only to aid the regrowth of loose and fungal damaged nails, but also in the maintenance of beautiful nails and, especially for the elderly, as a protection against this common and loathsome nail conditions.

For our clients who can’t reach their toe nails, here’s a step by step guide for an applicator.

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