Frequently asked questions about Fix-4-Nails®

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fix-4-Nails® and both loose nails and fungal damaged nails.

Why is Fix-4-Nails® the answer to these problems?

It takes commitment to have beautiful nails once again, and realising exactly what it entails will help you to continue and achieve success.

We don’t promise quick results; simply because no such promises are true! The truth is, once a nail is separated from the nail bed and/or damaged by a fungus, the body needs help for its restoration. 

The claim made by Fix-4-Nails® is that it changes the under-nail conditions in loose nails and/or fungus damaged nails to become suitable for the regrowth of nails and unsuitable for fungal growth. The body can then grow nails back to their original splendour. The ideal conditions created by Fix-4-Nails® under the nail is unique and the secret to its success. 

The information contained herein should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician and should not be used to treat undiagnosed nail disorders.

Fix-4-Nails is not registered as a medicine and is marketed as an essential aid to the body’s natural ability to restore loose nails; and is obtainable without a prescription.

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If they don’t already have it in stock, please ask your nearest pharmacy to order it from a participating wholesaler such as AlphaPharm, Aptekor, Norpharm, Transfarm or Waterberg in the RSA, or Geka Pharma in Namibia; or find it at Dis-Chem, Medirite (in Shoprite/Checkers stores) or, AlphaPharm pharmacies.

Online orders can be placed at Dis-Chem or (also for international orders). Use attached links on this page for placing these online orders.

Our product, in 30ml and now also in a 100ml, is available at participating pharmacies across South Africa and Namibia, whose wholesalers all buy from us at the same price. Prices, however, differ because of various factors, therefore ask your pharmacy for their price.

Treatment needs to be continued for as long as it takes for the nail or nails to fully regrow. Smaller nails take on average three to six months while big toe nails can take up to 18 months or longer; (do you remember how long it took for the purple spot on your nail you got on voting day to grow out? That is the speed at which your nails grow, which is an important determining factor in the ‘restoring by re-growth’ of loose and or fungal damaged nails.

If more than two nails need to be treated we suggest treatment of only two smaller nails for at least two months. For this one bottle is sufficient. The results will serve as a positive motivation or, in a few exceptional cases, indicate that Fix-4-Nails® is not an effective treatment for the specific condition. We suggest a photo be taken when treatment commences and again after two months; to be compared with the first photo.

Drink milk to neutralise the slight acidic effect / Rinse the eye immediately with clean water.

If irritation persists, consult your doctor and take the bottle with you. (See package insert).

Discolouration with the use of Fix-4-Nails® is a very rare occurrence. It could be from a reaction between its ingredients and some other substance under the nail, be it of chemical or fungal origin. None of the ingredients of Fix-4-Nails® on its own or in combination will cause any discolouration.  We have never had reports of a serious nature following product usage and therefore regard it as of aesthetic importance only.

We are unfortunately not in a position to make any diagnosis and would therefore advise a client to stop using Fix-4-Nails® (see the package insert) should you not be completely satisfied with your results.

Fix-4-Nails® is a delicate proprietary blend of phyto-acids used under the nail plate of a separated nail and should not be used simultaneously with any other topical treatment product.

You can use nail polish during treatment, as Fix-4-Nails® is applied underneath the nail.

We do not recommend its use with acrylic or gel nails, however, as we cannot guarantee Fix-4-Nails® will not damage or cause glued on nails to become detached.

Besides loose nails there are many other nail disorders. See this link.

No product can claim that it effectively addresses all such conditions.

The claim made by Fix-4-Nails® is that it changes the under-nail conditions in loose nails and or fungal damaged nails to become suitable for re-growth of healthy nails and unsuitable for fungal growth. The body can then, if there is no hidden cause for the damage, grow nails back to their original splendour.

As mentioned elsewhere on our website, once a part of the nail has separated from the nail bed, it will not reattach, and a new nail section needs to replace it. For a nail to regrow properly, favourable conditions must exist under the nail – such as the nail bed being soft, flexible and fungus free.

 Fix-4-Nails® is therefore not formulated for ingrowing toe nails.

There are almost 80 causes for loose-nails alone. A loose nail is the beginning of nail degeneration which can become a major aesthetic problem if it is ignored. We believe it is also the forerunner of most fungal infections of the nails.

Loose nails usually start spontaneously from minor trauma to the nail, nail biting, aggressive manicuring, or from contact with irritants or excessive exposure to water. The trauma need not always be extreme for the nail to become loose.  Slight yet repetitive trauma, such as jogging or typing on a keyboard with long fingernails can also be a cause of loose nails.

Other causes of loose nails are from diseases such as psoriasis, porphyria, bacterial and virus infections, iron deficiency, diabetes, thyroids and more. It can also be caused by certain drugs such as certain antibiotics, oral contraceptives, sedatives and anti-cancer treatments.

People of all ages or of any gender or race can get loose nails, although it is mostly seen in adults.

Because so many things can cause loose nails, your doctor may examine you to check for other skin conditions or medical problems. If a fungal infection is suspected, your doctor may clip the nail and scrape a sample of tissue from beneath the nail plate for laboratory testing. See also our page on loose nails.

Not to be used on Children.  Safety on children has not been established.

Safety during pregnancy and lactation has not been established.  If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional for advice before using any new cosmetic, antiseptic or medical product.

Fix-4-Nails® is a safe, delicate proprietary blend of phyto-acids (originating from plants), dissolved in the alcohol used in many cosmetics.  See package for more info.

Fix-4-Nails® is bottled in a European type dropper bottle. The dropper has a plastic ring with a small spout in the centre and one very small hole on each side of it. The spout is for letting air into the bottle and the liquid comes out of the two holes. By tilting the bottle and touching the front end of the nail (or the dried-out nail bed where the nail has completely degenerated,) with the plastic outer ring of the dropper, one drop can be administered with a minimum of wastage.

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For Loose and Fungal Damaged Nails

Where to Buy


At your local pharmacy,
Fix for nails new packaging

For Loose and Fungal Damaged Nails

Where to Buy


At your local pharmacy,
Fix for nails new packaging